Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Squeaky Girl got a Haircut and Updates

The Squeak got her first haircut today. It was starting to be a wild, stringy, weird and uneven mess, but now it's just wild, slightly uneven and adorable with a little natural curl. Love this girl. Here's pictures of her loveliness after the cut. 

She and DA have been a joy. She's an easy baby for the most part, except when she gets her shots, then she's just miserable, which makes me and daddy miserable and DA cover his ears. He LOVES having a little sister. Even when she's loud. And here's some pictures from the last few months.

 (Big blue eyes that melt her daddy's heart. Every. Time. He's a sucker for her, but for good reason.)

 (she has dimples in her elbows!)
 (DA having fun with Mom and a mixer)
 (always pretty in pink)

Here is a perfect example of her crazy-sauce hair before I cut it. This day I found her upside down in her crib squealing and yelling for someone to come break her out of jail when she was supposed to be sleeping. She normally gets her way. Little pip-squeak. But she makes it totally worthwhile with her enormous open-mouthed tongue-all-the-way-out grins and giggles. She's a sweetheart.

 DA and I have been having some fun adventures together recently. Here's the latest:

 (Ice-skating with the boy, so tiring but hilarious!)
 Wish there wasn't such a reflection on this one because I love it.

We've had a quiet winter. I hate being cold so DA and I rarely leave the house. We're gearing up to move and leave all we know behind for warmer climates and sunny weather. It's going to be a whole new world come July. I'm still trying to adjust to two little ones, not to mention trying to keep calm about having to make all new friends. DA will be going to Kindergarten this fall and Squeak will be old enough to start walking when we move. Anxiety is building, but we're also super excited.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Squeak's Baby Blessing

My Squeak is getting so big! We blessed her this last weekend and had a little family get-together afterward. My wonderful mother had saved the dress I was blessed in all those years ago and passed it on to me to bless my first girl in. Squeak looked lovely, fuzzy hair and all.

We had lots of fun with all the family who came:

Just a couple of days ago, my sister graciously offered to take pictures of Squeak in her blessing dress. Squeak was a little grump for the most part, but they turned out beautiful anyway:

These are the little booties that my mother passed on as well. They're so pretty:

Like I said, she was a bit of a grump, and she let us know she was not happy to have a camera in her face, but eventually, she got sleepy:

Thank you Rachael for the lovely photos! The blessing was beautiful and the testimony meeting touched my heart. I love my family, thank you all for coming and being apart of this special days with us!

Pictures, Finally...

It's been a busy two and a half months! A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's the last ten weeks in pictures and short descriptions:

The first few hours of Squeak's life:

DA waiting for little sister to be born:

She's a tiny thing:

First bath! Dad is so gentle:

She had some visitors:

The next day:

I forget what DA had to drink, but it didn't come off his face for days!

Going Home!

This was my midwife who helped deliver Squeak. Her name is Tiffany and she's fabulous!

Home at last! And days pass:

Dad got peed on in just the first few days, of course:

Then we got the Squeak ready to go visit Grandpa, who was in town mostly to see her:

While Grandpa was here, he went with DA and Dad to the county fair where they did all sorts of fun things:

When Squeak was about a month old, Dad and DA went camping together for a boys' weekend:

When they got home, Dad and Squeak promptly fell asleep together:

And here's a bunch of random pictures from the last few months:

DA and I had a dress-up day recently. It was a lot of fun:

And DA is still the Lego King, always building something new and interesting:

My happy girl!

DA's race track is also a favorite toy and has seen some heavy use, especially of late:

Bath time for the baby girl:

So big in the Bumbo:

These are some pictures my sister took when Squeak was one week old:

And some another photographer took when she was two weeks old:

Then we had family pictures done the first weekend in October:

(My son is a pill, but I love his face!)

It's been a fantastic ride. Having two kids has been a huge adjustment and continues to be hard, but good. We love our little family!