Saturday, June 25, 2011

You're Still the One

I've known my best friend for the last seven years and I've been married to him for six of those as of today. It's been a brilliant ride so far, and it only gets better every day. Looking back on the last six years, I can honestly say they've been the happiest years of my life. I feel blessed to be apart of this marriage and apart of this family. So here's to the last six years with my awesome, amazing, handsome, brilliant husband and best friend! I love you Jake.

Engagement Photo

Wedding Photo

Two Years Together

Skip a few years because I can't find the darn pictures!!!

Six Years Together and he's still the one. Always will be!

Soccer Game #2

Soccer Game #2 was a big success! We won 10 or 11 to 0! And DA was grinning from ear to ear the entire game. Makes it worth it when your kid is so happy, even when it's blistering hot. Quite different from last week. Here's some pictures from the game.

Waiting for the kick-off.
Victory Dance! DA just scored a goal. Yay!
His team is so much fun. We love it! Even when they don't have a clue what they're doing and take the ball from each other or stand around wondering why we're all yelling.
Having some fun with Mom while DA waits for his next turn on the field.

Isn't he just awesome?
Giving the other team a cheer.
High Fives all around! Everyone did great this time.

Snacks rock their world and make the whole game worth it. Notice DA is wearing his USA soccer shorts. The other ones were causing such a problem last week that we decided to just switch to something we knew fit.

Now for some live action shots. DA and his team-mates were on fire! It was a really fun game to watch. And Grandma Suzette came! Thanks Grandma, we loved having you there.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby Belly

33.5 weeks and counting...

(Hey, guess what? That's my new chair!!! Love!)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

DA's First Soccer Game

DA has started soccer at last. We got him all decked out for his first game on the 17th and of course the uniform drowned him...he didn't seem to mind, but the shorts literally kept falling off.

We got to the field and one of the hottest days of the summer so far turned into what felt like November. It was SO cold! Thankfully we had DA's jacket. He was a little miserable in the cold. (P.S. If you look really closely, he has a bruise under his left eye. He got clobbered about half-way through the game, another reason he looks a little miserable.)
He cheered up pretty quickly though when he wrapped up with Mom in the zebra blanket.
For everyone who isn't close enough to come or who wasn't there, here's some live action clips. Unfortunately, Jake wasn't filming when DA got his first (and only) goal of the game. Our team lost 1 to...I lost track, but it was a lot. Sad, but we'll do better next week!

DA was able to kick it in several times for our team and he saw a lot of action on the field. His coach was really good about giving all the kids lots of playing time.

This was a hilarious pile-up you only see in pre-school soccer.

Giving the other team a cheer at the end of the game. They were all a little bummed they lost so badly, but snacks cheered everyone up. Gotta love the simplicity of kids!

Happy me!!!

It was my birthday a little over a week ago. It was fabulous (for the most part)! The morning started with a surprise gift from my boys. Jake got me a Pong (sp?) chair from Ikea. I've been wanting one for the last three years! It's lovely. And it's now in the best spot in the house. Jake then went to work and Link and I had breakfast. I left the room for a little bit and got birthday present #2. Link's breakfast ended up all over the wall, table and floor. Happy birthday mom! Later DA and I went shopping. We ended up getting soccer shoes for him and nothing for me. I thought it was my birthday? Hahaha! He needed them (next post) and I don't need anything other than my boys, so it was a good outing with my son.

Jake only worked half a day, then DA and I picked him up and went to lunch. After lunch I got a massage, which was very nice, while DA went to Grandma Colleen's house and Jake finished up planning for the afternoon. He called me after the massage was done and asked if I could get some quarters. He wouldn't tell me what for. Hmmmm, mysterious...

When Jake picked me up, we went to the store for water bottles, then he took me to Thanksgiving Point. My wonderful BIN, Brett, gave us free passes for the Gardens and a golf cart. We had so much fun! The golf cart made it that much more fun. We zipped around the gardens, fed the Koi (that's what the quarters were for and it was a blast!), explored the Secret Garden, smelled the lilacs, visited the huge waterfall, and generally enjoyed ourselves. After we left the garden, Jake took us to eat at the Harvest restaurant. It was delicious! I want the recipe for the finger potatoes. I've never had such good potatoes in my life. Wow!

After we ate, we took some down time to go see a movie, then headed back to Grandma's to pick up our bug. DA planned a surprise with Dad and Grandma, so when we got there, all the kiddos hid and surprised me with happy birthday's, then we had my most favorite cake in the world. If you've never had Ricotta Cake with fresh strawberries and whip cream, you don't know what you're missing. It's a piece of heaven every time I bite into it! Love!

It was a long, but lovely afternoon.

Me on the golf cart enjoying the breeze and the view from the top of the waterfall.
Feeding the Koi. The orange and white one in the middle was a monster fish! He was easily three times the size of most of the fish there. So cool!

My wonderful hubby enjoying himself.
Yay for birthdays!