Thursday, October 13, 2011

Squeak's Baby Blessing

My Squeak is getting so big! We blessed her this last weekend and had a little family get-together afterward. My wonderful mother had saved the dress I was blessed in all those years ago and passed it on to me to bless my first girl in. Squeak looked lovely, fuzzy hair and all.

We had lots of fun with all the family who came:

Just a couple of days ago, my sister graciously offered to take pictures of Squeak in her blessing dress. Squeak was a little grump for the most part, but they turned out beautiful anyway:

These are the little booties that my mother passed on as well. They're so pretty:

Like I said, she was a bit of a grump, and she let us know she was not happy to have a camera in her face, but eventually, she got sleepy:

Thank you Rachael for the lovely photos! The blessing was beautiful and the testimony meeting touched my heart. I love my family, thank you all for coming and being apart of this special days with us!

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  1. OH Becca! I wish sooo bad we had been there! Squeak loooks SOOOOOOO beautiful! I love her chubby cheeks!!!! I miss you guys...