Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas this year was a ton of fun. DA is finely old enough to really appreciate gifts and spend hours playing with them. We spent Christmas Eve with Jake's family, starting off with a huge nummy breakfast, announcement, gifts, a long nap, xbox, a great lunch/dinner, and lots of fun. Christmas morning was spent at home with our little family tearing through gifts, making messes, and loving everything we were given. We feel so blessed! Christmas evening was spent with my Mom and Dad and that side of the family minus one of my sisters and her family (who we miss terribly). Christmas is always a wonderful time full of fun memories, games, delicious food, people we love, fun and beautiful music, and quiet moments spent reflecting on the Savior. Here's a sampling from our Christmas festivities.

The brothers in their Christmas finery. We got these shirts for them, and like us, they thought they were pretty awesome.

Me, not feeling well. We announced to the Sullivan Family that I was pregnant on Christmas Eve. I think I was a little too subtle in the note I wrote to Grandma though, because she was thoroughly confused with what we were trying to tell her. *SHRUG*

DA got this huge truck that holds all his other cars from Great Grandma.

Christmas morning at home was a blast and a half. Santa brought some cool things this year. Here's what DA got in his stocking and below is what Mom and Dad got.

Mom and Dad got DA this fantastic racetrack that he and Dad played with for hours on end. It was a good time.

DA had a lot of fun playing with the bubble wrap sent with the package from Uncle Josh and Aunt Veronica.

But he loved his Moose hat too. Although I don't have a picture of it, he also got a fantastic bathtime pirate set in this package that has been a huge hit. He plays with it for hours (literally) in the bath.

The nerf guns from Santa were also a big hit. We discovered two more in the closet a few days later that we had forgotten were there. Dad and DA have had some fun wars and even the neighbors have gotten in on the action. I forgot to bring the camera later to my Mom and Dad's house for Christmas dinner, but we had a lot of fun there too.


  1. I love that Jake got a nerf gun, haha, aren't all of our husbands just bigger kids?

  2. Definitely! I think Jake may have been more excited about them than DA was for the first little bit. Most men I know are just big kids.

  3. agreed! the MAJOR difference between seth and Rocco is that Seth doesn't wet his pants when he's watching TV...
    Becca you look so pretty! I'm so excited for tomorroW!!! call me when you know...