Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It's been a while since I last posted, so here's the 411 on the Sullivan Fam.

I'm still pregnant. I am 25 weeks along, we think it's a girl. That theory should be confirmed or debunct tomorrow at another ultra-sound. I haven't been sick, which is a blessing, but the exhaustion is killing me. I've had a lot of restless nights lately and a lot of contractions which have been hard enough to wake me up and keep me awake for a while. Crossing my fingers I won't be put on bed rest due to pre-term labor being a real factor. Oh joy! But baby is healthy and growing well, so I'll count my blessings.

I've been spring cleaning and have found that throwing things out is incredibly liberating. Not that I'm a packrat, because I'm not even close, but throwing away items that just aren't used (like baby clothes DA never wore, they still had the tags on), worn out, or broken is a burden lifted I didn't even know was there. It makes me really wonder why people hold onto things, especially for years and years. Stuff that sits in a box without being touched for more than a couple of years just takes up valuable storage space and mental and emotional space you could be sharing freely. Can someone tell me what the point is in keeping it? Because I know how awesome it is to get rid of it.

Jake is finishing up this semester. Design Day was a lot of fun and his team's robotic arm recieved some good attention. He is headed into finals next week, working like a mad man, and generally comes home exhausted, but at least he's home. He was also called as the second counsellor in the Bishopric recently, so add lots of meetings to the already full agenda and he keeps busy. He loves it.

DA loves the sunshine when it's out, and drives me crazy when it's not, but that's half the fun of being four. He's growing like a weed and has jumped two sizes since Christmas. I took him into the Doctor for a child wellness check up just before his birthday. He was in the 90th percentile in height for his age, and he was below the chart for weight. He's a skinny bean pole. Doc says that's okay because those statistics are based on a nation of children that are becoming gradually more and more overweight and not to worry about my son. DA's generation is actually considered obese, so the fact that he doesn't have any fat on him to speak of, is a good thing. He's healthy, happy, energetic, and in front of the curve in learning, so weight isn't an issue at the moment. I'm not worried and I actually find it rather funny. Isn't skinny what this nation is obsessed with? Yet, apparently my kid being skinny could be seen as me not feeding him. I can hardly put enough food on the table to keep him satisfied. He eats like an elephant. The only difference between him and the majority of kids his age is he eats all the healthy stuff instead of a continual diet of junk. He loves fresh fruit and vegetables, rice, beans, potatoes, pasta and water, we don't use milk for the most part (I'm allergic and he could develop the allergy fairly easily), he doesn't like meat and eats it sparingly, he likes candy, but prefers real food when he's hungry. He knows what's good for him and what he feels good eating, so he isn't afraid to tell you he just doesn't want something. Now my rant is done.

DA got a new bed frame for Christmas (thank you Fred! We love it!), but we just got the matress for it this week, so he hadn't slept in it until a few days ago. He LOVES sleeping in a big boy bed. The bed has five drawers under it, which makes for some incredible storage space and it's tall enough that I can fit my food storage buckets under it with a couple inches to spare. That means it's also too tall for DA to get on it without the assistance of a step-stool. He feels like he's in a tower when he climbs up. Pretty awesome!

Recycling has come to our neck of the woods and I am thrilled. DA is the best at it and reminds us all the time that the stuff we're about to toss in the trash without a thought is recyclable. He keeps us on our toes.

That's all my brain is ready to spew forth at this time, so farewell for now!


  1. good updates! it's been WAY too long since you've blogged.

  2. Yes, yes it has. I'll get there one of these days. I'm pretty sporadic, but working on discipline, lol!