Thursday, May 26, 2011

Have a Laugh!

DA has been really into drawing pictures lately. I'm loving it. Featured below is Aunt Rachael's family: Aunt Rachael, Uncle Brett, and DA's three cousins.

After he gave me the picture, he then went on to explain it. This is Uncle Brett:

This is Aunt Rachael:

This is Cousin L:

This is her little brother, Cousin D2 (who DA calmly informed me was missing an eye thanks to the aliens):

And this is the alien (whom I have fondly named "The Carrot"):

"But where is cousin D1?" I asked him.

His response, "He was kidnapped by the aliens."

Maybe that's why Aunt Rachael is grinning from ear to ear.


  1. :) I think this one is pretty funny. P.S. glad you can access my blog again! :) Google Chrome is GREAT!

  2. BAHAHA!!! This is the funniest post EVER of all time!!!! I love DA!!! How you feeling?! I want belly pics!!