Sunday, March 7, 2010

Love of a Child

DA has a favorite part of the bedtime routine that he really hates going to bed without. As I'm preparing to leave his room, he usually takes my hand and says, "Talk to me Mommy." It makes my heart melt. He likes to have time to "chat" with Mommy. I will sit in his room in my rocking chair in the dark while he tells me about his day. Sometimes he wants me to sit on his bed or on the floor next to his bed so I can lay my head on his pillow and he can pet my hair while he talks to me. I'll ask him questions and he tells me about everything he did that day (as if I wasn't there) and tells me about his friends and his toys. Sometimes we talk about his favorite food, toy, color, etc. He likes me to tell him what we will be doing the next day and asks if he can play with friends. He likes to tell me who he wants to play with and if he's going to their house or if they are coming to his. Sometimes we talk for two minutes and sometimes we talk for a half hour. After he's all done talking he likes to just snuggle me for a minute while he starts to get drowsy. Then he wants a "Mommy Hug" and if Dad is around he wants a "Daddy Hug." We end the night by saying goodnight, love you, don't let the bugs bight. He goes to sleep with a smile on his face and I leave the room with a smile in my heart. I love my child so much. I wouldn't miss that time with him for the world.

He's getting so big! He has a social life, friends galore, and everyone loves him. He's such a sweetheart. The number one comment I get from people who watch him for me is that he is an easy child to watch, he's so good. He has a good heart that is so full of love. I know he'll do great things with that love.

This is DA all dressed up for Church, which is one of his favorite places to go:


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you have that time together:)

  2. Oh he is sooooooo cute!!! I wish Rocco would go to bed in his own bed but I set myself up for trouble when I let him sleep with us (My excuse: I was working nights and so tired I didn't care where he slept so long as I could sleep too!)... I'm hoping to get him sleeping in his own bed by the time ZeeZee gets here: If I succeed!, I will definitely try doing this cute little thing with him cuz it's ADORABLE!!!!
    On a different note: Links Birthday is coming up!!! You doing a party for him? If so: You want me to make up a couple themed invites for ya? No Charge! LOL...

  3. Ah! Dang! I already sent out invitation, just the cheepo stock kind, "It's a party, come celebrate!" or I totally would have you do them. I think next year we're going to hold off on the party until the weather is more predictable, like, the middle of the summer.

    As for Rocco sleeping in his own bed, work on a rewards system. With Link it wasn't bed related, but when we were first getting him to want to potty train we did a star chart. He got to color in a star every time he sat on the toilet and when he had fifteen stars colored in, he got a special prize. We got him a light-saber, the movie cars, and all sorts of things. It worked like a charm.

    Make Rocco a star chart and every night he starts out in his own bed, he gets to color in a star. If he stays in his own bed, he can color in two. At the end of however many stars he has to earn, he gets a grand prize!

  4. Hey Becca, I found your blog on Marly's comments. How are you? It is fun to see your blog. Take care, Natalie