Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun in the Sun

This week, DA and I spent the week in Sunny California and loved it. We stayed at a resort in Indio that was fantastic. We'll be visiting there again for sure. Thankfully, it wasn't just me and him. Dad spent the first couple of days with us and some of the cousins came too.

This was the night before we left. DA is just too adorable for words.

We went and saw "Despicable Me" with the cousins at the theater. Little Miss sitting next to DA really got into the movie and almost cried when they took the girls away. I almost did too. It was a fantastic movie though, and super funny.

One evening we went to a street fair out in Palm Springs. It was a blast! We'll have to visit again.

DA loved this fountain and just wanted to hang out there for a while, so we did!

The last morning we were there we went shopping at an outlet mall. The kids didn't want to look at clothes, so they watched Sid the Science Kid on cool chairs while the moms checked out the merchandise.

Then we went outside and the fun began...

They wanted to ride every single ride there, so they climbed in and had a blast.

The ride home was LONG. We did the whole drive in one day, and DA was quite the trooper. And thank goodness for my sister's nephew who drove with us! He drove part of the way home and we wouldn't have made it without him.

He loves his Lightning Blanket he got for his birthday. We take it everywhere.

We saw the most beautiful rainstorms on the way home and double rainbows that crossed the whole sky. It was amazing to be out in nature and see these beautiful sites. It's good to be home, but I need another vacation. I came home to these little guys crawling around my bathroom:

So not cool! I have yet to identify them, but I'm working on it. I'm also praying they didn't get into my food storage!

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  1. Okay, HATE the creepy crawlers, but the rest of the pictures just warmed my insides! LOVED having you guys here! LOVED playing with you for those couple of days! LOVED the resort! LOVED having you at ZZ'z blessing! LOVE you and your family!!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Thanks-you guys for coming... we LOVED it!