Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In Which I Come Back to Earth

The last few months have been busy, busy, busy. Right after my last October of last year...We found out I was pregnant. Yay! Then malware attacked my registery so I had to pull out my old computer to stay connected with the world at large. I also got a vinyl cutter and sort of started a small business. Then the holidays came and we had stuff to do every single weekend. So I haven't done much blogging, because I would rather spend my free time sleeping. But the first trimester is over, life has slowed down a little bit, and I'm feeling much better, so I guess I can welcome myself back.

I should probably round out last year by sharing the holiday fun, but my camera is out of batteries and needs to charge before I can download any pictures. DA got a hold of it the other day and was playing with it when I came into the room. I couldn't get it to shut down for a couple of minutes after taking it from him, and I'm praying it's okay. It was an expensive camera.

Things on the docket that are rapidly approaching:

The first week of February I will be having an ultra-sound for dating because my midwife thinks I'm four weeks further along with #2 than I thought I was. We need to make sure. Hopefully I'll be able to post the ultra-sound video here when all is said and done. If I am four weeks further along *fingers crossed* we'll probably be able to find out the gender at this first ultra-sound.

The second week of February, I'm headed to Florida and the Bahamas with one of my sisters! I need a vacation. I just hope I don't get too sea sick since we'll be cruising.

Pictures will be forthcoming in the near future.

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