Sunday, October 24, 2010

Creative Genious

There has been an out-pouring of creative genius at our house lately. It all started one lovely Saturday morning when Mom was sleeping in. Dad and DA decided they were going to build the Tower of Babel in the living room:

I was happy I was able to get a picture, because this was the result:

Since then DA has taken off on a building spree that has lasted for months. I've only been able to get pictures of a few creations before they fall apart, but the ones I have are phenomenal. He's built everything from cars, boats, and airplanes to bridges, towers and cities or forests all out of legos.

The most amazing one that I completely regret not getting a picture of was a crane he built. Somehow over the course of a morning of building he was able to build a skinny little tower that supported two opposing arms that were so well balanced and supported that the whole structure (built on the base of a 1 inch by 1 inch lego tower about a foot high mind you) actually stayed standing long enough for Dad to get home from work and see it. I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture because it was really cool. Anyway, here's some samples of his work:

The Garage

The Submarine and Dock

Spaceship #1

Jet #1

The Boat

A Car

The Guns

City #1 (with the assistance of Uncle Zach)

City #2 (on his own)

The Tower

Space Ship and Landing Platform

Tower #2

I am definitely going to have to enter him into some sort of lego building competition. This boy has a limitless imagination and builds until he is satisfied not matter how many times it falls down. There have been many mornings where I've heard the crash followed by, "Oh man!" then the sounds of reconstruction. I love legos! I'm so glad DA loves legos too.

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  1. Haha! LOVE the tower of Babel! Don't you love it when your husband acts like a kid with your kid?! Good job DA! you're quite the builder...