Thursday, June 23, 2011

DA's First Soccer Game

DA has started soccer at last. We got him all decked out for his first game on the 17th and of course the uniform drowned him...he didn't seem to mind, but the shorts literally kept falling off.

We got to the field and one of the hottest days of the summer so far turned into what felt like November. It was SO cold! Thankfully we had DA's jacket. He was a little miserable in the cold. (P.S. If you look really closely, he has a bruise under his left eye. He got clobbered about half-way through the game, another reason he looks a little miserable.)
He cheered up pretty quickly though when he wrapped up with Mom in the zebra blanket.
For everyone who isn't close enough to come or who wasn't there, here's some live action clips. Unfortunately, Jake wasn't filming when DA got his first (and only) goal of the game. Our team lost 1 to...I lost track, but it was a lot. Sad, but we'll do better next week!

DA was able to kick it in several times for our team and he saw a lot of action on the field. His coach was really good about giving all the kids lots of playing time.

This was a hilarious pile-up you only see in pre-school soccer.

Giving the other team a cheer at the end of the game. They were all a little bummed they lost so badly, but snacks cheered everyone up. Gotta love the simplicity of kids!


  1. Oh.My.Heck! He is the cutest soccer player I've ever seen! I didn't know soccer season had already started... He's so cute! LOVE the videos!!!

  2. Thanks! He is the cutest thing to play soccer, ever. We're loving it. The city here gets sponsors and starts a new soccer season every two months. We missed sign-ups for the season just after his birthday, but we got him in for the summer season. So excited for him!