Friday, February 26, 2010

Following in my Mom's Footsteps

My mother has broken her nose three or four times, at least two of which one of her children broke it for her. One of my little brothers slammed into her nose while we were in church and broke it once. She had surgery about ten years ago to smooth away the lump that formed from it being broken so many times. Well, yesterday I'm pretty sure DA broke my nose.

We were tickling and playing on my bed, which is one of DA's favorite things to do with me. I was laying on my back and he went to jump on me. I caught him a little off his center of gravity, so he windmilled around and his head came down full force across the bridge of my nose. Instant tear-jerker. DA kissed me better multiple times but it didn't really feel better.

I spent last night fighting pain and trying to breathe. When I got up this morning, the skin around my eyes looked slightly black, which could be bruising or lack of sleep, and the bridge of my nose is puffy and tender to the touch. I've had a massive headache ever since it happened and it feels like my head is under intense pressure. There wasn't any blood, so I don't think it's too big of a break if it is broken, but it sure hurts like crazy.

DA has been really cute about it. He felt so bad that he hurt mommy and he has been trying to play soft ever since. I think it's been a good experience for him too. He went to play with a friend this morning and when I picked him up his friend's mom said, "They were so nice to each other today. They didn't fight once!" I had to laugh.


  1. Bummer about your nose, I hope it heals fast! But I'm glad to hear that Link has been so sweet about it:)

  2. Okay that just sounds painful... i'm so sorry! Rocco loves head-butting me and butt-heading me! Drives me insane... Hope it's just bruised and not broken for your sake! Bumps suck!