Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spaceships and Stepstools

Today was the day of building. It started with DA building a really tall tower and bringing it in to show mom and dad. Jake made the comment not to build it too high cause he wanted to speak the same language as his family. DA promptly dropped it and legos went everywhere.

After breakfast, DA gathered all the legos he had dropped and a few more and brought them to me to build an airplane. We built a plane, he played with it for about a minute, then it too got dropped and once again legos were everywhere.

We turned on cartoons for a few minutes this morning and it was Mickey Mouse Club House, which DA adores. On today's show they went in their space ship to mars to help Goofy fix his space ship. After so many spacey things, DA decided he wanted to build a space ship. By the time he got it how he wanted it, it had been dropped and broken at least five times. After each episode he yelled at his legos saying, "Oh Man!" and "You're not supposed to do that!" I was cracking up every time I heard the inevitable crash.

After nap, DA wanted to build some more, so he gathered up the legos and started on a conglomerate of all three prior attempts. He ended up with a huge HUGE spaceship that had mini towers sticking up all over the place with wings. I really wanted to steal it from him and enter it into the lego building contest the Library is putting on for kids because it was really amazing that he had put it together himself, but he dropped it on his way into the kitchen to show me. Sad!

Later, DA wanted to look out the window, but it had a layer of liquid between the panes most of the way up, so he grabbed his stepstool and stood on tip toes looking out the window. He stayed that way about thirty seconds, then shrieked at the top of his lungs, jumped off the stool and started running around like a crazy man. I couldn't figure out why until Jake walked in the door a few seconds later. We love it when Dad comes home.

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