Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Break

My lovely sister gave DA and I a wonderful gift a few weeks back and bought us these fabulous passes that get us into Trafalga, Seven Peaks, Owls games, and Flash games for a whole year for free. DA and I had so much fun the first time we used them with my sister's family that Jake was convinced he wanted a pass too. He and DA went to Trafalga while I was on vacation in St. George with my girlfriends. They had a blast too.

Well, this week was fall break for school, so we decided to use our passes for the first time as a family. We went to Trafalga in Lehi for the day. We rode all the rides except the boats (it was way too cold to be doing water activities), played mini golf, laser tag, and generally had a great time together.

There was only one incident that wasn't fun, but it was pretty funny in retrospect. When we were playing laser tag, DA and I were on one team and Jake was the other team. At the very end of the game, DA and I cornered Dad and were getting him right and left. Jake turned around looking for an exit and slammed full speed straight into a wall. He was wearing his glasses at the time and split his nose open. It hurt pretty bad, but I still can't help giggling remembering his blind dash that landed him on the floor. Maybe I'm not very nice, but it was hilarious to watch. Anyway, here are some photos from the day:

The first time DA went on this ride with his cousins he was absolutely terrified and in tears by the time he got off. I was surprised he wanted to go on it again this time, but with Dad by his side, he was all smiles.

His face at the top there was priceless, but I didn't get it on camera. He looked pretty frightened, but still trying so hard to enjoy it.

I'm afraid to think what teaching DA to drive is going to be like after this experience, but he had fun, so that's what counts.

Thanks Rachael! We never would have bought these passes without you! We're totally excited for ice-skating at Seven Peaks and going to some fun games this year.

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