Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wow, 3 Years in the Making

Three years ago, my sister Juli was having a baby. My other sisters, my mom, and I threw a baby shower for her. One of the things we did at the shower was have everyone write or draw a picture on a quilt square. I was going to be ambitious and make a beautiful quilt for her baby boy. Well it's been three years in the making now and baby is no longer a baby, but I finally finished the quilt last night! And here's the finished project:

Each of the squares had a fun little message to Juli or her baby and some had the most adorable drawings done by a good family friend. I ended up quilting it with stars and binding it lazy-man style, but it turned out beautiful and my little nephew loves it! Here's one of the pictures drawn for the quilt so you can see just how fun and cute they were:

I want to say thanks to Melissa for helping me put this together and to Brigitte for the loan of her machine when mine was broken. This was my first quilted quilt and I loved how it turned out. Thanks guys!

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  1. THank you!!! We LOVE this!!! Rocco wont let me hang it up because he likes to use it when he watches a movie at night... and he wont let ZZ touch it. He's so silly... THANK-YOU!!!